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Sun 14 June – Sun 5 July 2009, 10:00-17:00 daily
Untitled outdoor installation
Fresh Air 2009 Quenington Sculpture Show

Quenington Old Rectory
Gloucestershire GL7 5BN

2 Sources, 8 Interfering waves is a site dependent audio and visual outdoor installation. It emerged from a collaborative process between five visual artists from Byan Shaw of Central St Martins College of Art & Design and five composers/sound artists from University of York.

Briony Clarke, Simao Palmeirim Costa, Rodrigo Garcia Dutra, Allie Furlotti and Alys Jenkins

Angie Atmadjaja, John Hughes, Emily Kalies, Chris Mullender, Radek Rudnicki

artistic direction:
Ana Bianchi, Marigold Hodgkinson and Roger Marsh













link1 | link2 | video


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intrinsic_sarc   Wed 13 May 2009, 7.30pm
Sonorities, Contemporary Music Festival
SARC, Queens University, Belfast

intrinsic is a site dependent audio and light installation, exploring minimal sound and audio perception through a slowly changing aural landscape. Sine waves are played through a loudspeaker, their frequencies correlate to the dimensions of the space and create standing waves or room modes; a shifting landscape of peaks and dips in loudness.







It has been such a lovely and valuable experience being allowed to install the work at SARC. I was assisted by two wonderful technicians and sound engineers Chris Corrigan and Una Monaghan. They were really patient with me, in fact I kept them waiting while I calibrate the piece till 11.30 pm that night. Many thanks to them.

The space is the basement of SARC. It is minimal, total blackout with curtains covering the walls of which they are also hiding floor boards and etc. The cement floor gave a subtle reflection to the luminance from the tubes and when they flicker, a cross-like shapes flicker on the floor. The space was just ideal for this piece and I am so grateful to have been able to install it in the best possible way to reach its potential.

The audience was a mix bunch, mostly students from SARC. They entered the space in playfulness, they began to play with the lights and there was a sense of wonder and curiosity to what the tubes mean. People were moving and makings loads of noise, interacting with the light tubes. These soon stopped when they realized that there were sounds coming from the loudspeaker that turned off the tubes. The atmosphere shifted suddenly to sudden quietness and concentration. It was lovely to witness that too.

Just to let you know as well, when I got back to york, I took a bus back to the university. When the bus conductor came around, I realized I didn’t have enough change. Full of panic, luckily, a lovely fellow student (physics student apparently) came to my rescue and gave me 50p to meet the shortage. She said that a few days ago, someone has helped her in the same way and that she is just passing it on. My faith in the goodness of men was replenished and I promised her I would do the same someday.

Have been searching the web for a review on intrinsic at SARC, Belfast. This is what I found, apologies for the Google translation. His description of the response of the viewers were pretty accurate (original link, look below).

Then we went to the basement for installation of Angie Atmadjaja, consisting of neon tubes suspended and broadcast sound waves through speakers with a frequency unusual. The event, in this installation, was the reaction of the audience. At the beginning, we felt that the handful of spectators present were familiar with the art scene, and he knew how to behave. They walked, they touched the neon lights, they did what was expected of them. Then they all stopped moving. It was very impressive, one would have thought they were all actors and I was the only spectator: twenty or twenty-five people motionless for a minute. Gradually they fall on the edge of space and installation / performance ended only with the neon lights and strange sounds that seemed to get out.


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360_1 360_2 360_3 360_4 360_5
360_4 360_5 360_6 360_7 360_8



had a wonderful birthday weekend. Jon has treated me to trip to northumberland to see Bamburgh castle. castle_title
castle1 castle_entrance castle2 castle3 castle4
castle5 castle6 castle7 castle8 castle9
castle10 castle11 castle12 castle13 castle14
castle15 castle16 castle17 castle18


sand_castle then we went to walk across the beach, it felt good to be in vast open space as we made patterns on the sand. sand5 sand_jon1 us1  
sand1 sand2 sand3 sand4 sand_me

on the way back, we stopped by Angel of the North by Anthony Gormley.

angel1 angel2 angel4


p.s. got my actual birthday presents as well. It’s a Black & Decker BDM100 from Jon (just what I needed!) and a cute luggage tag from my sister that made me smile. bdm100 luggage_tag

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16th April
going to see this tomorrow..

Subversive Spaces:
Surrealism + Contemporary Art

Sat 7 Feb – Sun 4 May 2009
With Kinderzimmer a major new commission by Gregor Schneider

The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester
about the show: read.1 | read.2 | watch
below are example images of his work:

schneider1 schneider2

17th April
went to see Gregor Schneider’s Kinderzimmer with Tim, Pete and Theo today. It was one of the best experience ever. I was scare, confused, lost and exhilarated, all at the same time! I have once seen another piece of his, N. Schmidt (2001-3002) at MMMK Frankfurt many years ago. Both works were certainly the most thought provoking works I had encountered.

There were only two disappointments with the work. One, I could hear the invigilators’ walkie-talkies in such a quiet space. Two, they were talking about me being shy and taking my time in approaching the room. I felt both unnecessary intrusion kept preventing me from immersing myself completely in the work.

My experience:
One was invited to walk through a totally darkened room with a hint of illumination from behind a door a few meters away from the entrance. You made your way slowly and hesitantly, worried that you might trip over things on the ground. You groped your way to the door and you entered a small room with with soft pastel coloured fraying  wallpaper. A mirror hung on the left, the room transported me to a certain place, a certain time. 

As you groped around the room by sliding your hand and keeping your balance against the walls, you passed a window of light. As you approached it, you realized that it was the same size of the mirror you initially scrutinized. You looked in, it was the exact room that you had visited prior, apart from additional objects such as a small mattress. I tried to find the door to enter this second room but realized soon enough, to my amusement, that it did not exist. I returned, continued to find another space where an image of a wall/garage door was projected, then made my way to the exit.

Spent the rest of the afternoon having lunch at a Thai and Oriental restaurant. Passed an interesting looking building on the way. Note the kimono folded napkin. Yum.

interesting_building kimono_napkin timpete theo

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25th April

Yeay..a birthday present from Pablo and Anya!
Brian Eno 77 Million Paintings DVD

22nd April
an unexpected birthday celebration with Michael, Dan and Lily. Michael baked a cake for me! ..oh man..I need to lose some weight after that cake. It was a lovely night.

me_cake cake1 cake2
cake3 cake4 cake6

17th April
an early birthday present 🙂 . Jon gave it to me a few days before I left for London, to kinda cheer me up from the stress of working on the performance version of intrinsic. Isn’t it great? Just the way to my heart!

dino-robotvroom..vroom…highly recommended!!

16th April 01:30

building with chilli chocolate as energy reserve…
…………………………………chomp chomp chomp………

17042009045 17042009052
17042009042 17042009038 17042009037

hmm..getting really late..will finish up on sunday 😉

17th April 23:31
ta da! 😀

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the calm before the storm.
Been at Kings Place all day since 8.45am, all tubes are up and running.
Slight adjustments and fine tunings left to make. They all seem to be responding well.
Am now resting and had just taken a nap on that tiny sofa.
What a lovely dressing room I’ve been placed in.
It also includes a fantastic looking shower and fresh towels!
There’s even an upright piano, anyone to serenade me while I shower?

dressing room 1 dressing room 2 dressing room 3

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Today I went to the Kuniyoshi exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. It was one of the best curation and exhibition I’ve seen there.

I’m no expert on prints apart from a little brush with Hiroshige and Hokusai. Armed with little knowledge, I found the works stunning. Each one is beautifully crafted with great attention to details. Unlike Hiroshige/Hokusai, Kuniyoshi’s works, packed full with moving energy, show figures paused in mid-gestures. As if the image was one of the many frames in a fast actions-packed film.

My favourite piece of the entire exhibition would have to be Yoshitsune’s ship is attacked by ghosts of the Taira warriors at Daimosu bay, c.1851
Just notice the beautifully balanced composition and the expression of the waves . Also note the ghosts in the sky.


If you are in London between the dates below, do go and visit it, you won’t be disappointed.

From the Arthur R. Miller Collection
21 Mar—7 Jun 2009
Royal Academy of Arts, London

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am in London to perform my work intrinsic tomorrow night. Was on my way back to East Dulwich on the bus, saw a man walking his pet. At first, I thought it was a really small dog but actually it’s a ferret! On the sidewalk, leash and all.

ferret1 ferret2

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have been working on intrinsic performance version for days in almost complete darkness, starting to go slightly mad. photo-58

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beautiful thoughts from Judith…

… ” Forgot to tell u that u had a lovely new flat in my dream last night. I kept falling asleep in it for some reason! Very comfortable…”



watch | translation
Vic sent this link today
and it made me smile, thanks to Vic
and Andrew who uploaded the clip.

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